Robert Niyazov

States Licensed: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina,
Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, California
NMLS# 183891

A Little About Me

Robert Niyazov, the founder, and CEO of R&J Capital Group. Raised in a family of academics, cultivated a strong foundation of discipline, education, and determination from a young age. He was always drawn to entrepreneurship. Armed with an advanced actuarial degree, he began his journey in the mortgage industry in 2000, discovering a true passion for it. Throughout his career, he has shown unwavering dedication to clients, employees, vendors, and partners, reflecting a commitment to meaningful relationships and a wealth of technical industry knowledge.
Robert possesses a unique blend of analytical prowess and strategic foresight, honed through years of academic rigor and professional experience. As a proud father of accomplished children, he understands the importance of family values and strives to instill a sense of community within our organization. Driven by a desire to connect and engage, Robert is readily available to answer questions and empathetically listen. His dedication to fostering an inclusive and communicative work environment sets the tone for a thriving company culture that puts people at the forefront. With an unmatched vision fueled by resilience, Robert Niyazov continues to lead our team, aiming to positively impact the mortgage industry, the communities we proudly serve, and everyone else involved.